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BB33K: A single picture game. 1 month since the release

A topic by Chentzilla created Mar 26, 2018 Views: 72
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My game "Возвращение в замок злого колдуна" (BB33K for short) has been out for a month now, and for a project of this caliber I'd say the release was a success. I really love that platform and even just browsing through the titles is somehow more therapeutic than looking through Steam releases.

I have some articles up which are not exactly a devlog and more like extended postmortem, since I wrote them after the game was out. I love reading designer notes myself, and hope that you'd also like those insights into my creative process, especially as it was an unusual challenge: to bring a single illustration alive, turning it into a small but complete game.

BB33K is available here. It's really small (one level with three floors) and short (7 minutes), but it looks like nobody have finished it yet. Please tell me your thoughts on the game and my diaries, Do you want to read more? 

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