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The Meta Game Jam Story (Forum-Based Crowdwriting Game, With Achievements!)

A topic by Xavier Ekkel created Mar 26, 2018 Views: 83 Replies: 1
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The Meta Game Jam Story is a forum-based crowdwriting game (with achievements). Together, the public (you!) can help to write a story together! The story is about a (fake) team creating a (fake) game for a (fake) Meta Game Jam.

Whilst making posts, players should try to earn as many achievement points as they can (based on humour, language techniques, plot twists, or being the 16th poster, for example).
There will be a leaderboard of top achievement-earners, and Top 3 achievement-earners win game prizes!

All posts will be aggregated into a Twine game at a later date, meaning your contribution will forever be immortalised in the tale!

I'd greatly appreciate anyone who tries it out :)

EDIT: I put the game on hold - needed a lot more maintenance than I expected. May resume this in some form at some point in the future.


Looks like an interesting idea. I put you up on the fresh games section on the homepage.