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Is there a way to change the text "Demo Section"?

A topic by geod created Mar 25, 2018 Views: 53 Replies: 2
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Hi my software has two version: the paid one supporting vr and the free one not supporting it. But the free one is not a demo, it's a full-feature version, it just doesn't support VR.  So put it in "Demo Section" seems misleading to me.

So i would like to ask if there is some ways to customize the text?

Admin (1 edit)

It's not possible to change it. We use the "demo" text elsewhere on the site when browsing games, so I'm not sure we'll make it customizable. Maybe it might make more sense to have the game's price set to 0, with the non-VR version as a regular file, then the VR version with a separate minimum price?

Your suggestion was exactly my setup at the beginning. But with that setup, i can not create and distribute keys for VR version.