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GameDevDan vs Life - 50 games in 1

A topic by Chequered Ink created Mar 23, 2018 Views: 148 Replies: 2
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What does it take to become a game developer? Years of the practice, a whole bunch of failures and the occasional diamond in the rough. That's GameDevDan vs Life in a nutshell.

GameDevDan vs Life is a pack containing 10 years worth of games from one half of the Chequered Ink dev team (hence the title name "Dan") - all wrapped up in a neat little launcher in the style of a plug-in & play console. You can play jam games, commercial games, dodgy little tech demos. There's something in the pack for everyone!

Every game in the pack, and the launcher itself, was made or updated in GameMaker: Studio and pretty soon we're hoping to release some tech blogs about the dev process, so please keep an eye out for those!

Let us know what you think. #notatGDC


Congratulations on launching, that's a lot of games. I featured you on the homepage, enjoy.

Thanks leaf! really appreciate it :)