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I am #notatGDC, but I'll be doing yet another game jam!

A topic by MiniChimera created Mar 23, 2018 Views: 69 Replies: 1
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Hello all!

Like many people who posted, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank for the amazing job as the coolest platform for indie games, and one of my favorite features: game jams. Since I decided to shift away from mobile development, I started getting into game jams through, going through the list and finding one that appealed to me. This weekend I'm participating in yet another game jam (HeartsJam). This also led me to discover a ton of great games and developers. was also the reason I decided to make my game Blackout to PC/Mac/Linux as well, instead of mobile. I released a preview build with the first chapter last year and got more visibility and feedback than I expected, and also a few people donating a few bucks to show their support. That made me really happy and renewed my energy to finally push through and finish this project. I started to use the devblogas well, I should have an update with widescreen soon (as many people requested), and the full game later this year =)

A huge for everyone involved, and also for this amazing community.


Hello, thanks for posting. I happy you're on I added Blackout to the homepage. Good luck on the jam