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#notatGDC but you guys more than make up for it!

A topic by Daniel Nora created Mar 22, 2018 Views: 173 Replies: 6
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Hello all, my name is Daniel Nora, a lone-wolf, part-time game developer from Portugal!

So I made the awkward decision to release my new game this week, only to realize at the last moment that it was GDC week. Feeling dumb, I decided to go ahead and release it anyway.

Being in a country where the games industry is practically non-existent, it is sometimes difficult to feel connected to the development community. Attending GDC is pretty much an impossible wish for me, with it being so far away and me having a bunch of other responsibilities. So I can only be thankful to for providing such a fantastic platform to distribute games on!

This website is so professionally designed that that the whole process of releasing a game becomes a joy, free of all the pain you have to go through on other platforms. Not to mention the generosity of the team and the community in general. Thanks for everything!


Thanks for sharing you game. I added your game to the Not At GDC collection. I wasn't able to check all the posts the last few days since I got a bit busy, so I'm going to keep the collection up on the homepage a bit longer.

No problem, thanks a lot!


BTW, as a way to thank the community for the awesome reception around the web, I increased the number of levels in the demo of Cardinal Chains from 50 to 100! Sorry if this broke your saves in the web version, but there's currently no way around it. 

You guys rock!

If it's any consolation Daniel, we did the same thing and released our game at the worst time with everyone at GDC too.  Like you, sadly, we couldn't make it to the event. Glad you've had such a positive experience on, as we have had too.

We were worried about releasing our game, you see some of the great work on here and it's mind blowing.  Worse, our game is a Twine "interactive fiction" and when you see these 2D RPG's or full 3D games, well, that was scary. Actually though, people have been really receptive and welcoming which is awesome, and there have been quite a few downloads which we're super happy about.

Daniel, loved your game, great fun to play, had to rate it :)


Hey thanks, I love to hear from other developers! Indeed, it can be scary to release a game when you see such high standards everywhere, but I suppose that every developer goes through the same feelings, at least those who care about making their games as good as possible.

By the way, checked your game. Amazing professionalism in all details, plus a great story with a great ambiance. Rated it! If you ever decide to host this or any other titles as WebGL games here on itch , make sure to let the people at /r/WebGames know about it. Got more than 2000 views from there alone!

Thanks for the heads up on that r/sub :)  And for the rating too!