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PC's with two monitors

A topic by ActionMan created Apr 16, 2016 Views: 2,203 Replies: 9
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When I start Freerider or Freerider Recharged, they appear on my secondary monitor. Is there a way I can tell them to use my Primary monitor?

Every other game launches on my primary monitor...


To be able to select different displays you might be able to use the -adapter command line argument. Have a look at the Unity Standalone Player command line arguments here:


Thanks. That didn't work for me, but I found a strange work-around.

I you press alt+enter on Windows, it changes to windowed mode (same as adding "-screen-fullscreen 0" from that link you posted). Once in windowed mode, you can drag it onto the correct monitor, and then press alt+enter again to go back to fullscreen mode.

After you've done this once, the game automatically starts on that monitor from now on! :D

Nice, thank you for posting this solution!!


I'm glad you managed to find a workaround. Thanks for posting the solution, that might be of help to someone else having the same issue.

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I have the same problem that fpv freerider is starting on my second monitor. I can pull the window on the right monitor. But it is not resizing and staying in the same low resolution like it was on the other monitor. I am using the newest FPV Freerider demo. Or is this one of the restrictions with the demo?

Solved it by using command line to start it with the following command:

FPVFreerider_demo.exe -screen-fullscreen 1 -screen-width 1920 -screen-height 1080

In the folder where my .exe is located

You only have to adjust the resolution to the one you got. (In my case a Full HD Monitor with 1920x1080)


Glad you got it solved! Thanks for sharing the solution, I'm sure that will be of help to others who might have the same issue.

i had -multidisplay on the Target line in the shortcut : D:\Game\fpv_freerider\FPVFreerider.exe -multidisplay

with : it start on the main display

without : it start on the second display

I had the same issue when using 3 monitors, my solution was to ALT ENTER to windowed mode, then drag it to the correct monitor THEN QUIT AND RESTART freerider, it should open on the correct monitor still windowed and ALT ENTER should now go full screen to the one of your choice. Without the quit and restart it was jumping back to the wrong monitor. Hope this helps.