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I rated the broken version of this that you put up by the deadline (not the revised version), and still would've given 6 out of 5 stars for aesthetics if I could've ;)

Thanks for the comments :) 

I agree the gameplay needs a lot of tweaking; maybe after the judging I will do some more work on this game to make it more fun.

Unfortunately, I spent most of my time working on the game's renderer and then had to rush the controls and AI tweaking phase!

Thanks. That didn't work for me, but I found a strange work-around.

I you press alt+enter on Windows, it changes to windowed mode (same as adding "-screen-fullscreen 0" from that link you posted). Once in windowed mode, you can drag it onto the correct monitor, and then press alt+enter again to go back to fullscreen mode.

After you've done this once, the game automatically starts on that monitor from now on! :D

When I start Freerider or Freerider Recharged, they appear on my secondary monitor. Is there a way I can tell them to use my Primary monitor?

Every other game launches on my primary monitor...