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#NotatGDC An Unlikely Indie Dev

A topic by Below Zero Games created Mar 20, 2018 Views: 235 Replies: 2
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Just wanted to say hi and say it would be very neat to go to a huge gathering of game developers . I have found since becoming part of the community of people that make games as a hobby that I always thought that I didn't fit in to the typical profile as a person who makes game. I work in the real world in a large industrial facility. I have found though that there are many out there who's career path is off in left field from the game development world. I started out kinda by accident as I was part of an online community of gamers playing the popular RTS Warlords Battlecry 3 and the developer made the source code available to the community to mod the game. I signed on and found I didn't fit in to the group that was there so I ended up working alone on a project without much help. For 6 years I worked on the MOD known as 1035 developing my own techniques to add the new content to the game both in code and art. I found that once again my creation was met with some fanfare both good and bad so I decided I wanted to try to make something myself. So I started work on what would be A-mazing Ants using good old Game Maker 8 at first before moving the game over to Game Maker Studio.  I have always developed my own ideas and I do most of the art  for my games. I really like Itchio and thank Leaf for making this site for people like me who will never likely be identified as a game developer but share the joy of creation and can have a home for their creations where like minded folks can find them.  


Hey, thanks for posting and thanks for the kind words about You've had an account here for quite some time, so I'm glad to see you're still around. I put your game on the homepage. Keep up the good work.

Thank you Leaf :) Hoping to add a new project to my library when work slows down a bit . I want to jump over to the latest GM as well for that. Thanks for putting A-mazing Ants on the homepage. Today was the most views I believe in a day this game has ever had which it awesome.