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i have a q about how to upload a game here

A topic by Logic frame Studios created Mar 19, 2018 Views: 90 Replies: 5
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Hello my name is iemaru.

I have a question  how to apload my game?   When I was editing the page, I asked myself how I was uploading it and I put dropbox but I can not see it anywhere ... who could tell me how? and how do I know it is already for sale? 

thank you very much!

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For uploading with Dropbox you have to connect with the Dropbox account that has the file, then you can select it. We will copy the file from Dropbox to our servers. Are you seeing an error message?



When you edit your game, halfway down the page there's a button labeled "Upload game". It lets you upload from your computer, no need for Dropbox.

To make your game for sale, choose "Paid" higher up, under "Pricing", and enter the price in the box below.

Once you're done, look at the bottom for an option called "Public". Choose that and save.

But! If your game is for sale, an admin will have to review it first. It takes a day and a half or so, and you can see when it's been approved from the referrals in Analytics. In the mean time you can post the link on Twitter and such.

Hope this helps!

oooh I see ... I'm uploading it from my pc ... wonder how do I get it to be reviewed? thanks for your help


You're welcome! And getting people to review your game is another story. You can advertise a lot so that many people buy it, or you can send download keys and ask for reviews. People with blogs and YouTube channels are often interested. Good luck!


Thx a lot!