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How is "popularity" determined?

A topic by YPRPG created Apr 14, 2016 Views: 705 Replies: 3
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You can sort games by popularity, but it's unclear what that means. Is it number of downloads, number of views, or a combination of the two? Also, if I check my game page a few times a days, are those visits included?

I check my game pages a bunch of times right after posting to make sure links work and stuff, and your own visits/downloads doesn't seem to count. So sorry, the system isn't that easy to cheat =P


Popularity is a number of factors: views, downloads, and when the game is released are part of it. I don't want to reveal all the specifics so people don't try to game it. I have some plans to improve the algorithm a bit, I want to make it easier for new things to get to the top. The problem right now is that if games are really popular then they tend to get stuck at the top, and that prevents new stuff from surfacing.

Visits to your own game pages do not count against your total view count.

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How about score = truescore * 1 / x, where x is the number of days in a row spent in the top 100. This would have the effect that a popular title would continue to sink until it left the top 100, then if it was still popular, it would bounce back up, but if its popularity was due to its favorable position it would disappear.