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Creafting Tools

A topic by Dragonify created Apr 21, 2022 Views: 579 Replies: 10
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Just played the game and it was good! Def has the potential to become a great game.

Quick question, the blacksmith mentioned I can get materials to craft axe and pickaxe. How do I do that?


Thank you! 

About the materials, you can only buy the axe and pickaxe from Rohan, you can't craft them.

Once you buy them from him, they'll enable you to gather materials in the forest and field. He'll use those to make the wolf traps for you.

I might not have written it clearly enough, I'll take a look later. Hope that helps, though! ♡

Ah I see, I might have misread it too. Thanks!


No problem! ♡

The game has grate potentual and to be a grate game and novle for people to get engaged with  the story line is really intreagng to read and play so im hoping for a grate story to get hooked on


Thank you! ♡

how do you make the traps? I have 20 wood and iron but I still can't make traps

just buy the materials from the blacksmith in the vilage

and con tinue from ther i think


Yup, what Kokaron akario said. Once you have the mats (you can check in the Quest Log how many you need), you should be able to have Rohan make them for you!


How do I make torches?