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Ah, that works. Thank you.

Although if I'm looking at the flowchart there's supposed to be a missable apple in this area. I presume this apple had changed its location?

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I just got done rescuing the trio from the southern forest and just returned to the center campsite. Supposedly I'm supposed to meet the commander for the first time, but the event didn't trigger and the game is acting as if I've already been here before. What's more, the special scene for examining commander's tent too many times triggered for me despite me touching it for the first time.

Oh.. That was all I needed to do >_< Thank you!

Yeah, tried that. Nothing works.

I finished the whole slime dragon event and the inn was upgraded. Before I did anything else, I talked to the wizard, get the black thong from him, used it in the room, gave the slime suit to the wizard, and finally i exited the inn for the first time. Talked to Jaler and Kuno before I went to the smithy, but found nothing about the slime slab.

Nope. Don't see anything there..

Already did. Wizard told me to give something to the smithy iirc but no dialogue is prompted when I talked to the smithy.

I burned off my slime suit but I wasn't able to give the slime strip to the smithy? Did I do something wrong? Was it because I hadn't talked to the smithy before getting the slime strip?

Hey, just making sure, is the current version supposed to be V 0.1.0 or 0.1.5? I downloaded the 1.0 one.

How to get scene 2 and 3? The main story ends after Rex left.

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I'm honestly not sure. I managed to use the save and played it so I assumed it was fine. I think it's from 0.13?

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Hiya, I found all the merchants for the Market Hall but the owner doesn't seem to acknowledge that. It was fine before the update but I have to redo it because of the save. The part in the quest journal where it says to collect reward seems to be missing too.

How do i talk to harold about the caravan guard? The option isnt there for some reason.

Ah I see, I might have misread it too. Thanks!

Orveia community · Created a new topic Creafting Tools

Just played the game and it was good! Def has the potential to become a great game.

Quick question, the blacksmith mentioned I can get materials to craft axe and pickaxe. How do I do that?

This game has such a a great concept I’m shakin and cryin rn

There's a scene in the public build that isn't supposed to be viewable, but for some reason i can access it through the gallery from a new game. I can't see the images, but the conversations are all there. I think it's something from the fire dungeon?

Just curious, does the imp do anything other than assisting us in battle after he joined us? Kinda wish he's more involved

Can I ask why do we need a stable internet connection to play this game??

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Truly a beautiful piece, constantly makes me feel warm and fuzzy. The story is very well written, with immersing plot, good character development, and great comedy. Characters have good designs, the artworks and sprites are nicely drawn. Sometimes I even feel you're being very generous with how many variants there are. I can't tell if the music are originally composed, but they work well too. With an UI that isn't the default design and perhaps even a gallery section, this will be a 11/10 visual novel.

Now with the professional review done...

Omg why is every single guys in this game so hot and charming. I love them all so much pls give me moreeeee

It's a patron-exclusive Im pretty sure

Oh righttt. I already mastered his training so I don't get to see it

What is Wolf Training supposed to be? Is it a new interaction with your wolf pet? I'm not finding the option for it though.

I like this so far! The lack of any sprite arts does disappoint me quite a bit, but everything featured in this demo are very solid! The fights are surprisingly fast and satisfying, and the aesthetic and the UIs is quite pleasing to look at. I'm excited to see more!

Simply curious, how different would the story be between choosing royal or barbaric? I've done the royal route and am wondering if it's worth trying a second barbaric route.

Well mostly big events that are listed in the logs. Or anything invloving new character or location. Don't want to miss out anything major.

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How many events are there in total as of Update 0.28? I've done everything available that I found, and is waiting for Bareshade to finish the home construction, which left me unsure of what to do now since I have to wait for woopin 28 days...

Happened to me too, weirdly. Wondered what caused it.

Did you change the lightning in the game too? I found out some halls in way darker than the others. I'm not sure if it was intentional or not, but it looks a little weird. I could screenshot it if you want.

Wow this game is AMAZING! The monster in the game (which I still don't know what the hell is that) scares the crap out of me! The puzzle are amazing too! So a little bit of critics:

  • There's a small bug in the phone calling puzzle there. When you go to Room 3 and go to the left side of the door, you will get stuck because of the chairs.
  • There's no save point in the game. I mean it's quite a short game, but it would be better to have.
  • I still don't understand the painting puzzle (almost the last puzzle). I need to go watch other YouTuber to know how to solve it. Btw that YouTuber also doesn't know what's he doing LOL. I wish you can explain here. It would be great.

So yeah, 8/10, less point because of the last puzzle and weird ending (sry but I just don't understand much about the story). Still would recommend to my friends. And I'm going to make a video playing it!