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Wow this game is AMAZING! The monster in the game (which I still don't know what the hell is that) scares the crap out of me! The puzzle are amazing too! So a little bit of critics:

  • There's a small bug in the phone calling puzzle there. When you go to Room 3 and go to the left side of the door, you will get stuck because of the chairs.
  • There's no save point in the game. I mean it's quite a short game, but it would be better to have.
  • I still don't understand the painting puzzle (almost the last puzzle). I need to go watch other YouTuber to know how to solve it. Btw that YouTuber also doesn't know what's he doing LOL. I wish you can explain here. It would be great.

So yeah, 8/10, less point because of the last puzzle and weird ending (sry but I just don't understand much about the story). Still would recommend to my friends. And I'm going to make a video playing it!

First of all, thank you very much for all the feedback you have given us, we appreciate it very much. Now we go in parts:

1. You're right, there was a collision there that caused the character to stay bug. It is already fixed, we will try to upload the update as soon as possible so that it does not happen anymore.

2. Before there was a save point before the long corridor of the crossings but we had to remove it because some users experienced problems. We'll have to look to fix it, you're right.

3. The puzzle of the pictures is the most complicated of the game without any doubt. There are people who say directly that it is wrong and no, it is not wrong. Only indications are missing. I explain a little, the solution of the paintings resides in the life of Dante;

Blind = It is because of who Dante was blind to Love.
Death = Dante died the day his wife died.
Life = His life started the first time he saw his wife.
Superb = It represented the greatest creation of Dante, the divine comedy. That's why his painting.

We have to fix things in the narrative since the players do not understand Dante's relationship with the protagonist. But they are related.
We will try to solve as soon as possible all these errors in order to offer a better game.

Thank you very much for everything and we hope you liked it.

Gracias!! =)

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