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PixelCNC: Fast and Easy CAM for Images!

Generate a variety of 3-axis CNC router/mill toolpaths from images and 3D models! · By Deftware Industries

Errors with 1.15a

A topic by billb0169 created Mar 16, 2018 Views: 125 Replies: 5
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When loading the new version, I'm getting several font errors and when I close the errors, the UI buttons are blank.

Developer (2 edits)

It is an update that you install over the v1.13a files (which may have been updated to v1.14a, but that's not required). Testing it on my end works fine. You need all the files that are in the update, not just the EXE, and they all need to overwrite existing files. Maybe I'll switch back to just having the full version downloads, I just didn't like requiring people to re-download files that largely remained the same (example files, font files, etc). This version the DLL files changed because of the SVG support that was added.

Thanks, I overwrote the v1.13 files and it's working now :) BTW, any chance of getting a tutorial video for the software?


I decided to just remove the update and just go back to uploading the complete versions themselves. All of this will be a thing of the past once I move to beta version and incorporate an auto-update system in there.  Also, the update didn't include a new font image file for a new icon. If you see a printer button on the top bar then I suggest downloading the new complete v1.15a zip and extracting the icons_big.png from it to replace the existing one in your fonts folder. It's a button for enabling/disabling depth-testing on the toolpath render, so that you can toggle whether or not they are occluded by the depthmap mesh itself.

Yes, eventually I will have some videos up. I'm currently working on a promotional video just to demonstrate what PixelCNC is, for promotional purposes. I have been collecting some raw material to use to create example/tutorial videos and be able to show them actually cutting on the CNC, and what the final result is like. I might plan out the video tutorials by posting text versions on this messageboard first, because that would be a valuable resource for users as well.


Really looking forward to the video tutorials because I think they'll help quite a bit to better understand the software. BTW, is it possible to do a cutout of a carving similar to a 2d contour cut in Fusion 360? I'd like to cut the following out of the stock once the carving/engraving is done.

Developer (1 edit)

Hi Bill, 

You could create a tool that you want to use for cutting it out and then use an outline with the cut depth set to the bottom of the project, so that it cuts all the way down. If you think that your tool shouldn't be cutting through too much material you could do it incrementally with a lesser cut depth, just make sure your max depth is large enough to reach the bottom of your material.

So, if you have a .125" end mill, for instance, you could create an outline operation that has the cutoff level set really low to where the outline is delineated (where the background color is separate from the rest of the logo) and then set a negative step size offset that's the radius of the tool, so .0625, so that it follows the outside of the logo on the darker side of the division around the cut off level. A positive step offset will shift the toolpath into the lighter area by the specified distance.