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I decided to just remove the update and just go back to uploading the complete versions themselves. All of this will be a thing of the past once I move to beta version and incorporate an auto-update system in there.  Also, the update didn't include a new font image file for a new icon. If you see a printer button on the top bar then I suggest downloading the new complete v1.15a zip and extracting the icons_big.png from it to replace the existing one in your fonts folder. It's a button for enabling/disabling depth-testing on the toolpath render, so that you can toggle whether or not they are occluded by the depthmap mesh itself.

Yes, eventually I will have some videos up. I'm currently working on a promotional video just to demonstrate what PixelCNC is, for promotional purposes. I have been collecting some raw material to use to create example/tutorial videos and be able to show them actually cutting on the CNC, and what the final result is like. I might plan out the video tutorials by posting text versions on this messageboard first, because that would be a valuable resource for users as well.