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[Questions] "Available on itch.io" badges

A topic by BZH314 created Mar 15, 2018 Views: 167
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Pooling a few questions together to save your time:

1. Are there localized versions of the "Available of itch.io" badge?

Example: here is how Google Play does it (hum, how to put links to the images without displaying them?):

2. Is there a preferred CDN url to link to the always latest and greatest badges?

Example: is this one correct? (link hosted on googleapis.com):

3. Would adding a "Badge" above "Widget" in the "Distribute" section of "Edit game" make sense?

It could have the proper HTML with the link to the game around the badge image (is there a way to show some code in the forum?)

It was non trivial to dig out the https://itch.io/press-kit page at first, or even that an equivalent of "Get it on Google Play/Available at Amazon/..." was available for itch.io. Next to "Widget" seem like a good spot to discover it.

4. The current "Get it on Google Play" badge is outdated (see giant images above for the current one):

5. How do you show HTML code in this forum and why is editing the HTML disabled since it's enabled when editing a game?

6. When a mistake or broken link is found in the doc, what is the proper way to report it?

Thank you for your time and patience.