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Black Screen on Manjaro

A topic by Xananax created Apr 11, 2016 Views: 861 Replies: 2
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I installed the app from Aur.

When launched for the first time, I was presented with the "enter your credentials" screen. After I did, I was brought up to a screen that was half black, half dark grey. Since I was obviously looking at a rendering artifact, I decided to try to click somewhere in case it could trigger a re-rendering, but the app crashed on me.

Since then, running the app just presents me with a black screen. Running it from the command line doesn't ouput anything useful but says this:

Production environment, using optimized settings

NODE_ENV manually set to development

I don't see how it can be a production and a development environment at the same time, but I doubt this is the source of my problems.

It's not really a bother as I prefer using the website anyway (multiple tabs is a mandatory comfort feature for me), but just thought I'd let you guys know. I'm available for debugging if you need me to do anything.

Aside, where is the best place to report bugs? Here, or on github?

Full log available here:


Hey, that was a well-known issue pre-v0.14.x — the latest release of the app should work no problem on ArchLinux, and the AUR package is even automatically updated by our CI server now :)


Yup, indeed, works like a charm now. It's the fastest electron app I've ever seen, by the way; quite impressive.