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Game is being obscured by ".user_tools" but in game controls exit full screen

A topic by jere created Mar 11, 2018 Views: 94 Replies: 2
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This is not a huge deal but the set of links overlaid on the game page (with the class user_tools) is slightly obscuring my actual game. The game jam link is the widest, so is the biggest offender.

To get around that, I figure users will try full screening the game but then I have a separate problem. One of my in-game controls is ESCAPE. I believe I'm already doing a stopPropagation, but nonetheless the full screen is exited. I suppose I shouldn't stop the full screen exit anyway, so wondering if the first issue can be an option to maybe move/disable the user tools?


Are you saying that the usertools is covering some of the game when in fullscreen mode? Can you tell me which browser this happens in? The user tools show be hidden when the game enters fullscreen.

No, I mean it's covering the game when not full screen. But then I have the separate  control issue when full screen.