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Queen's Crown

A romantic, medieval-fantasy visual novel... · By Agashi

I'm practically jumping out of my seat in excitement!

A topic by tricksterx created Mar 08, 2018 Views: 955 Replies: 6
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This game is amazing! It blends so many of my favorite things into one perfect package:) I can't wait for the release date. Do you guys think it will be at the end of March or the middle of the month? I love to hear some your thoughts lol. 

soon :D

Same! I hope it comes out sooner than later 

Hope it releases on march early,

I'm checking every day to see if it's out!!!

Hey guys! its already half of the month and still not news about you! just asking.


I'm dying to know too, but we are at the mercy of the devs. All we can do is hope ^.^