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Controller Issues

A topic by darhkwing created Mar 07, 2018 Views: 212 Replies: 8
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Hi was eager to try this and to some extent it worked but i am having issues.

Firstly, my joypad was detected and it worked but only to change the camera. I couldnt play the game with it.

Keyboard works.

However, next time i loaded the software the joypad doesnt work at all. Have restarted serveral times as well.

I am using a xbox one controller. any ideas?

Recheck the key binding in Input tap pls

it doesn't do anything when I try new bindings.  In fact I had to delete the registry due to some of the failed bindings.

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3DNES seems to reset the some settings which should be global such as controller and default viewing mode.  This means two things: when you launch 3DNES expect to reconfigure the input back to joystick and re-auto detect the Xbox One controller.  Another thing to note is that input and viewing settings seem to be baked into the settings per ROM.  Meaning, when you choose a game it seems to override whatever settings you have.  This is problematic when opening a completely new game.  This is just what I guess is going on.  Again, this is an awesome product and I'm overjoyed to have it in my library!

You guess it right but i don't see what the problem is. When you open a game , 3dnes with save its current setting then if the game that has a profile associated with it will load that profile setting. Then before you load a new game 3dnes will reload its saved setting. What's the problem with this approach?

I managed to get it working somehow .  Hoping it  consistently works now - discovered I had another pad plugged in that might have caused issued.

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That's the problem. It doesn't know which pad you want to assign for player1. You must assign it in Input tab.

thanks. Great work =)

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