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Yeap. It maps fine. Its just the buttons seem to semi-randomly not work or actually act like the buttons are different buttons. For example, both top right buttons zoomed in, despite setting one to zoom in, and one to zoom out.

Hi geod thanks for responding! It seems an Xbox One controller works just fine, but not a Rock Candy 360 controller. Keyboard works fine as well. It DOES recognize the rock candy controller by the way, so I am guessing its a bug. 

I'm confused. I cannot get the controller to function properly. the keys are all binded the way I want them. Its so bad its not usuable. I can't get passed the Zelda 1 name selection screen. I do not use any kind of vr headset. What is the problem? I didn't want to use 1.4 pro as it's older and I assume not as good.

Controls on a Rock Candy 360 controller do not function properly. I can't get through the name selection screen in Zelda 1.