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Alternate payment methods

A topic by Xananax created Apr 08, 2016 Views: 1,258 Replies: 4
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I've observed, followed, supported, and been in love with since I first heard about it. However, I was always too poor to buy anything. Today I came, credit card in hand, and browsed, happy to buy just about anything, because I want to support the platform and the devs on it. With sheer horror, I saw only paypal works here.

Paypal blacklists a number of countries, including mine (Lebanon), for no apparent reason. Years of petitions and appeals have been left utterly unanswered by the company (as in, not a a single word or commentary), so there's 0 hope this will ever change.

Absolutely every other payment gateway works worldwide: Google Checkout, Stripe, Skrill, whatever. Paypal is the only one that does this.

I hope you guys implement just absolutely any alternative, as I'd be happier buying my games here rather than on Steam/Humble/Gog.

There's a feature request here: but specifically about Google Checkout, so I thought I'd still put in a word.

Actually, I opened a second game and there was a "pay by card" option, which worked. So I suppose it's a per-game setting? Scratch all I said above then.


It's not that simple, game authors on have the option to collect money directly rather than going through the platform, in which case they're free to support alternate payment methods. But that's an option open to few, since compliance with financial regulations is increasingly difficult these days. For example, I pretty much have to let collect payments for me, and that does indeed limit who can buy. So your request certainly is justified.


I see. Thanks for the clarification. In that case, don't scratch what I said above. On the subject of spending money on here, bought your book! It seems interesting. I do want to get into making my own games so desperately.


Oh, wow, thank you so much. Hope you'll find it useful!