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An engine for text games and conversations

A topic by DireBoarGames created Feb 28, 2018 Views: 76 Replies: 2
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Hello all,

For one local game jams, I want to make a text adventure. Yes, the idea of text adventures is anything, but new, such games existed from times when computers were with the size of the room. 

No, what I want to ask your opinion about, is a game engine specifically suited for creating such games.

I know that there are a few such engines, and wonder if I should bother to make another one. I know, for example, about engine called "Instead". It's quite good, but does require knowledge of some programming skills. I don't know much about other such engines, but guess that at least a few exist. 

I want to make an engine, where the user will only have to enter text, images and variables, and get a text game out of it. Also, with some skills, it can be used to write conversations for other games.

There can even be two variations: free\cheap version for just making text games, and one with a little higher price for adding them to other games.

What do you think, will someone want such engine?


People continue to make text game engines. You're better off asking in the forums. Selling one for money might be a trickier proposition, seeing how even professional solutions like Ink and Choice of Games are free, but as an exercise it's worth the trouble. Just consider what would be special about your engine, even if it's just a gimmick.

For a jam, however, you might want to use an existing engine, because you'll run into difficulties, and time will be short.

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Yes, thank you for replying!

For the jam, I will use the code from another game I am now making, that'll be easier then rewriting everything.

And I guess there isn't much point in selling one for money.