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Valor and Glory (18+)

A NSFW RPG about exploring a fantasy world · By Leopold Visette

Available sex scenes

A topic by CryoPhoenix92 created Mar 13, 2022 Views: 3,661 Replies: 4
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I really like the game so far, it's a good mix between fun and smug :) Can someone tell me, which enemies are having sex scenes in this build?

And while we're at it: how does pregnancy work? I'm playing a Shoredweller character, and my first offspring looked completely different.


Hey CryoPhoenix
Sorry for the slow response - The baby takes from the father, so if it's a human it becomes a human baby, beastkin makes furry babies and so on : ) It's a little easier than drawing race specific babies for all species.text-align:center;


Is there male/male content/romance options? The game looks interesting. 

Yeah i was curious about that what enemies can you have sex scenes with after you win the battle?