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Thanks :)

Are old saves incompatible with 0.31.1?

How do I play in a larger window? The game starts with a way too small window.

I always like games with futa content, especially with a female or (optional) futa main character :D
I'll give the game a try :)

I found out about that a minute later, but thanks for answering :)
Also... does Violet have other forms than the "swimsuit"? And if yes, how do I get them?

I had an event with Nel, which seems to have overwritten the outfit Violet transformed into. Is this intended?

Wait... you put a price on the version of this game that was released for free over 2 months ago?
Sounds questionable, tbh.

Heyo, any news on fixing the David -> Dalia bug?

Looks interesting. Do you plan to add futa content?

I hope you'll decide to do more :D
It could be a hot thing, like a "consequence" of the therapy not being as successful as intended ;D
Btw... the Futanari Chemist Stepmom episode was super hot, with her lovingly support the MC in embracing their feminine side by starting simple, only to take a more.. unconventional.. step to further embrace it.
Definitely one of my favourites~

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I like this series so far, will there be more episodes? :D 

The option to choose a pronoun at the beginning made me wonder if there'd be feminization in the future xD

That's not what the game is about

Amazing game, I can't wait for more <3

A shame the version here is outdated. Would love to buy it here, since Steam won't let me in my country.

Try something different with her than fighting. I won't give spoilers here, if you're too curious check the wiki.

You can learn the name of the manticore

The game does not start when klicking "Start" in the itch app

I found out I can do it per chance later. Thanks for answering neverless. It's a great game, I really have fun playing it :D
Random question: when I'm looking into the Character Profiles, there's a locked portrait between Claire and Katie. Did I miss something out, since the rest of the first page is completely filled?

Lunar's Chosen community · Created a new topic Money

Is there a way to get more money, besides finding some in the apartment, before I'm able to make money with photos? I have to buy the battery for Amy to progress her story, but only got 10$ left. I already bought the topaz for Serena, had a dinner date with Claire and bought the magical crystal required to beat the dealer in the gym.

This game has so much potential transformations the player can become, sadly most of them are bad endings.

Thanks. I haven't even started her content, so I'll do this next.

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I've got another couple of questions.
1st: The event with the burning house, where I can save Samantha, is repeatable. Is there a certain reason for this? (I know there's something to be found on the first floor, too.)
2nd: After saving Samantha, where and under which conditions do I meet Jackie?
Edit: I noticed there's something going on with the first floor. BUT: It's absolutely annoying to see the character say "Maybe I should check the first floor again" after saving Samantha, only to find one of the same three clues once again. It's confusing and frustrating. Why isn't this explained better, to let the player know they're done searching?

Is this game dead, or will there be updates soon?

rip game

I totally agree, it really looks like that scheme. Played the 0.2.0 demo once, and got disappointed by how short it is.

Yeah, I know what it means. Thanks for your advice.

I totally understand, it's a lot of work.

I deactivated the Yandere stuff for Gwen, since I'm absolutely not into that. I'm mostly interested into the one for Jessica, since I really like her. Pixie could be interesting, too.

All in all, the game is a lot of fun so far. Not just simple "bla bla bla, okay let's bang", but a good amount of dialogue with characters that often are really likeable.

Good to know. And what about the personalities (?) that are greyed out on the character cards? Are these also Act 3, or can I already unlock them?
I tried looking for a Wiki for guidance, but the one I found was very outdated.

What's the deal with those yellow hearts? Do they lock things like "adultress" for Jessica? Are they limited to the Patreon version?

Your game is great so far, I really like it :) I only wish I could go back to sell some stuff after visiting the mansion and seeing the scene with Mother.
Can't wait for more content :D

Any news on updates?

Season 2 isn't even finished, chill

Hmm, I wore the whole Megaslut outfit a few times while visiting him, and nothing happened.
The Catgirl ears did not drop in my game so far, I visited the Pagan Temple several times.

Regarding Annie's Store at night, there are no new things to buy for me. Only the option to visit the Cum Lover Club. And it seems, I still have to unlock that Jersey something outfit.

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Is there some kind of guide for this game, especially on how to get all the pieces of clothing? I've killed at least 50 tentacle monsters without getting what they're supposed to drop, been running around day after day in Ashton wearing the Catgirl outfit, had sex with dozens of wolves.. none of the items from them dropped! Also, some descriptions on how to unlock clothes are very unclear.

What's that "slutty yet elegant outfit" you have to wear while petting the kitty in Ashton?? Which "megaslutty" outfit is the one Lazarus needs to see?? Since when can I buy clothing from Annie in the Cumlab?? 

Good to know, thank you!

If I want to play the Cheaty Version, do I have to purchase it for every new update?

Maybe I'm just blind to it, but it seems I can only heal Jenna with the healing items. And since the enemies kill the other chick really fast, it's a "bit" annoying to be outnumbered in every fight. I know there's that skip mode, but using it to win the fights won't progress the quest.

Is it just me, or are enemies generally stronger than the player? Plus, why can't I heal companions? I'm doing the quest in the slums, where you have to defeat a few different rats, and those fights are no fun.

That's good to know 😊I loved the demo, but it was so super short^^

Didn't you read the game's description? This game is especially about them, they're not optional.