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I've updated the devlog : ) Listing the patches and linking to what the individual new version of the game included

I'll put it on my errors list - that shouldn't happen

Here's some patch notes for you : ) 

Heya Itchy

Good idea for a fun little scene : ) Sharing a brandy. I'll think on it

Sadly not supposed, and I don't own a mac to use X-code for compiling the game. Apologies

Heya all - sorry for the slow response. 

I think with a new addition of a playable race we'll bump the t'chan into a free feature. I wasn't the one that won the patreon poll this time though, sadly

Sorry devvoris! I'm not good at keeping up with things on here sadly : S I can offer you my twitter as a better place to stay up date on things:

Hey Jakdak

I haven't worked with exporting to android, so I'm not familiar with how that works. Not on the table currently :(

Sorry for the slow response, Agues. He's a gladiator opponent in the arena.

If there's people that have asked for such an option on Itch, like fek has first hand experience with, then I say it's worth considering for the platform. 

Sorry for the late reply : ) I should probably look into hiring some to help me with game balancing. Also glad to hear you've been enjoying it ^^

Heya Musical : ) Long-long time.
Here some help for the mending book puzzle

Hey Hpnotyq

I might have lost track on balancing as the patches have come and gone. I can make a task on taking a playthrough and scale things more accordingly.

Thanks for your feedback : )

Have you been to the aquaducts and waterways?

There's only 3 quests currently on the board.
- The crocodile one
- Meet the collector
- To the catacombs(level requirement)

Hey 123KKSLIDER - those two monsters are related to quests : ) One is started in the brothel, the other is started at the bounty board.

I'm not strong in Linux sadly : ( 
- I'll make a note on seeing if I can make the font save as well : )
- There's some animations in the free version, but most are sealed in the patreon version sadly.
- Hmm, I could think up something on the locations you mention. Quicktravel points are there only two of currently though: forest and city. Will think on that

There's a linux version >_> ?

Thanks : ) 

Hey ixltixl
I look into the issues if they're still there, but I hope version 0.3.1 has most fixed 

Hey CryoPhoenix
Sorry for the slow response - The baby takes from the father, so if it's a human it becomes a human baby, beastkin makes furry babies and so on : ) It's a little easier than drawing race specific babies for all species.text-align:center;

Hey there - the codes are the following

beefmedaddy - gives +10 to all main stats
goldenshower - gives +1000 gold
perverseknowledge - gives +1000xp
threesometime - gives companions +1000xp

Okay, I'll note that down : ) Thanks

That's a bug I'll have to look upon

Hey Afoolwithmagic - you should be able to do that by resting in the tent or at the inn/brothel

Sam should have customization items you can craft. If they don't work it's a bug

That's some of the content being worked on - coming in future releases : ) Thanks for trying out the game.

Hey Axe - I don't have a Mac to test builds, and my experience with Xcode isn't very good. Don't expect much to happen on the Mac front sadly :(

Hmm, do you have any other computers you could try running it on, to see if it has do with windows settings?

I sadly don't have many ideas left :(

An upcoming feature is to be able to turn off the scenes after having lost a battle. Quite a number of people have requested this, due to various reason. It'll be included in the game when the next free version comes out at some point :)

You've got some good points : ) I'll make a note on checking if someone wants to help me or/and work on making a guide to the more obscure parts.

Malowe has been blocked due to being aggressive towards others - let's move forward from here : )  Thanks for the kind words back there earlier, CutieWithABooty.

Could be a glitch or something. Anyway, does it work for you now? : )

Okay - Let's try deleting any save files you've got in the game's folder "saves". Perhaps it's something there that's causing it.
Also, where have you unzipped the game to? Perhaps try and unzip it to desktop : ) 

Hey mate - no worries about asking. It's on the list no-go kinks, so it won't be included in this game. It's not something that speaks to me personally, that's the only reason : ) Thanks for trying out the game still.

Fair point - I should have made a post on it. I didn't foresee this reaction, but I get the logic behind it. A fellow developer said it was a lot easier to handle feedback in the community board rather than comments, so I just flicked the switch and went to go sleep :P

MarloweC, I'm sorry for seemingly having been of ill intent to you. The comments was dropped/hidden when I changed the itch page to have a "community board" rather than a comment section. Here's a link mentioning the matter:
I understand your reaction - I would likely have concluded something similar to you if the roles were turned around. Just please be kinder to others than asking them "to shut up".

No guide sadly : ( If people got issues progression, I'd answer the issues best I can.

Heya CutieWithABooty : ) Thanks for asking. The Valor and Glory discord is coupled up with the game's patreon privileges, due to bad experiences with having it being public for everyone. I hope this decision doesn't bring offence - it's just been giving me the least headaches.

Hey PageAngel - Fullscreen should turn off if clicked again in options. If it doesn't do so, we've got a bug.