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Stop Motion Game Jam 2018 : Year 2!

A topic by Jacob Peltola created Feb 26, 2018 Views: 208 Replies: 2
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I didn't see any other topics about game jam announcements here so I apologize if you were expecting a cool clay game when clicking on this..

BUT if you like that sort of stuff we're putting together an annual game jam as an homage to stop motion as an art form, we got a lot of feedback last year and everyone's projects were amazing for just 2 weeks of production! (Last years page) With that in mind we decided to increase the jam time to a WHOLE MONTH as many users joined but didn't get a chance to contribute a project!

Please sign up via the info links provided below!  

Jupiter Hadley played through all of last years' submissions and is doing an amazing job providing visibility for indie devs!

Info links:

Jam page (right here on!):




Glad to see this back, I think it's a great idea. I put the jam on the homepage so hopefully you can pick up some new participants.

Hey leafo, thanks for the help with visibility. We'll be sprucing up the page the next few weeks as well as posting a keynote!