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Presentation/Exhibition mode for collections

A topic by dreamfeel created Feb 25, 2018 Views: 126 Replies: 2
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Hey, I'm helping put together put a collection of games for an exhibition, and I'm using Itch app to present them.

The trick with showing multiple games instead of just one per PC/screen is that it's hard to present them well without a dedicated launcher and users can just muck about on the OS. Currently we're planning to use the itch app (because of the awesome collections feature) with windows taskbar removed, itch pinned to the top of the screen and the screen cropped so you can't see the itch side  bar or the maximize,minimize buttons. I was thinking it would be really really coooool if a presentation mode was possible in the app itself though (instead of all of our work arounds).

We get something like this with the work arounds:
Inline image 1

So the UI changes in a dedicated feature would be displaying a collection without sidebar or minimize/maximize as above (and potentially the top search bar in the above screenshot too), but also potentially running in fullscreen mode. It might also display collection name along the top, as well as Itch name & logo somewhere. The user might enter/exit fullscreen/presentation mode with a key combination.

I think there's so much potential here with using the app for game festivals and exhibitions!


I think this is a great idea, since we've also done our share of events where we used the app to showcase games. I can see this being useful for all kinds of people. We're working on a bigger app update coming out soon, but after that maybe we'll look into something.