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this was really really cool <3

SOO GOOOOD. if anyone else is stuck looking for the last character (and i get the feeling she's meant to be hard to find), I starting draw a map starting from the meadow and it really really helped to understand the paths and not get lost and then i stumbled over her as i took a subtle turn i missed a hundred times.

that was really sweet! good work!

We're gonna disable the Mac downloads while we look into this! Sorry about the hassle, thanks for checking it out!

I'll check in with Valerie. I think this might be because the game is "unsigned", due to a change in how Macs treat programs since Monterey, that they have to go through Apple cert. So we might not be able to fix this unfortunately!


this was rad!! great theming/structure! lots of potential. stick some more screenshots and art here and you'd have lots of players

Very cool!

yeah it was fun. xD it was a nice break from trying to get to 120+. did you manage yet? I got 119, might try again some more tonight. fun to play while watching yt. 


I'm just no good at this game! Image

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as invincible and silent as god intended a frog 2 b. i love it. i could never play before but now i can happily spend hours relaxing + murdering skeletons A++/A++ highly recommend seller


heads up tho. if you go to secrets mode and change options, but also use level select the secrets mode options don't seem to work?? they do when you play normally, just not through level select. unless i've missed smth!


love this! I think this is my favourite variant

LOVED this! one of my favourite things I've played in a while :3

this was rad! really liked it. didnt realise rpgmaker had web export these days. would love to see more. good writing!

awww, thanks. I just wasn't happy with the tool's accessibility mostly..

busy with other games at the moment, and planning on releasing a diff tool next spring or so. but I will think about this and if I could do anything for it, besides working on it for as much time as it needs. I could probably release the source code for people to mess around with, but not call it a "game maker" yet.

loved this! :D

Yep, second image looks good! Hope you were able to figure stuff out!

I really like your games! I would love to chat sometime if you wanna, I'd love to learn more about how you make them and what kinda stuff you wanna do in the future. I make games with a small studio called dreamfeel and just send an email to say hi to - llaura! 

This is really great work! Loved it. Well done.

Sorry for the slow reply! I will work on a better tutorial soon and hopefully make the whole thing a lot more friendly to newcomers! Thanks for your interest and I'm really glad you liked If Found! <3

really beautiful art and v touching!

awww, this was really sweet. loved the humming <3

Here's a written tutorial that will explain all the windows and the basics:

And here's a YT one :

The first 5m introduce the windows and then you could open the flatgame template scene and play around. And then optionally if you like watch up to minute 20, and follow along to understand how all the concepts fit together. The rest of the video wouldn't be relevant for you yet or for a flatgame at all really.

fffuuuu. this was brilliant

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awesome! really dug this. <3

no discord atm, just here on itch or the flatgame maker itch, but i could look into it.

cheers!! c:

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aww, thanks for playing! < 3

ok, so I made MY first game with the flatgame maker: 

given me lots of ideas for things to improve with the tool, but it was fun xD

Post links to your projects here or just post screenshots. :D

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Post here if you have any troubles!

Known issues:
- Arrow keys stop working in Piano scene.
- Match image proportions matches to compressed image, not original image

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if the game has any saves, try deleting them and testing again. sometimes saves between versions do weird things

and sometimes bugs show up in builds that aren't in the editor

Yep. I can die. Playing easy mode on Windows 10, chrome 81.0.4044.122

I couldn't figure out how to play and then realised my sanity counter wasn't going down. I think the counters aren't working in the latest version.

aaaaaaaa, thanks for making this game!