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java and css question?

A topic by xArcausx created Feb 22, 2018 Views: 96 Replies: 4
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Hey all, please forgive my absolute lack of knowledge i have in coding n such, so if any of this comes out sounding stupid or just plain wrong then...well thats the reason im here, to understand. Here lemme start with an example, if you head to and check out the plinko game, what exactly makes all that happen. err. to make it simple, what tells what to do what? like the JS tells the CSS how to act or preform? and how do the images get there, all the images on screen would have to uploaded to my server and named correctly in order to be fetched by the script? ugh, sorry again, any sort of break down any one could offer would be fantastic..
And lastly, say i had a java and css file like these, how would i go about putting them on my website? 
sorry if that a loaded question, i've been hunting the web for days with no answers yet

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I'm moving this to general development since it has nothing to do with specifically.

It sounds like you need to spend some time learning web technologies, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These combined will allow you to make dynamic applications for the browser. Given your question, it sounds like you're confused about the basics so I would start here.

more confused than ever it seems.  i purchased a few Udemy courses to help me out :)

But you wouldn't happen to have a short answer eh? just to gimme an idea of what goes into something like that?


To give you a general idea, a web page is always an HTML file which defines what all will be on it. This file also pulls in CSS, which defines what everything looks like, and Javascript (not Java), which defines how everything behaves -- what happens when you press a key, or click the mouse. You can find tutorials on; Opera, too, used to have a good teaching site.

If all this is still too confusing, maybe consider a game builder that exports to the web? What kind of game do you want to make, anyway?

Thankyou very much, thats exactly what i was looking for, and i have the javascript, and css files for an online gambling game similar to plinko on faucet games and stake amongst a few others, i was just hoping they were complete and didnt require more items such as assets or the HTML. But knowing this now will make my hunting much more fruitful :) 
If you are interested at  all in helping with starting  a gambling site, i could really use a knowledgeable person on these subjects, I will fund the site as i'm not asking for anyones money, just the know how to execute what i have in my mind.
mail me should that peak your interest :)
And thanks again, thats more or less what i thought, but i couldnt ask it properly on google and turned up nothing but online game builders lol