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SalesBundles on steam? april fools or real?!

A topic by firecat created Apr 04, 2016 Views: 822 Replies: 4
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anyone want me to give me any insight on what is going on?! also if its real how will that even work since steam requires many heavy requirements for users outside the usa.

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I'm not sure if its a joke or not either, but its definitely giving off a strong impression it is:

-Achievements for arranging your content and downloading as many games as you can
-Integration with matchmaking to find the libraries of other gamers that share your interests
-Microtransaction integration so you can directly support the creators you love and buy unlockable hats

The "Reverse Sales" seemed like an April Fools but its an actual feature thats here to stay..? And, I mean, its not like those are terrible ideas. Either way this (or something like it) was discussed earlier around here.

The general idea was that because has more Linux games available than any other platform and because SteamOS is attempting to establish linux gaming as "a thing", we could pool our resources and make the app compatible with SteamOS to double its available library and give dev's a backdoor to Steam. Steam may appreciate having a less strict venue available on the platform to boost available content, because one of the things hurting SteamOS a lot right now is Steams exclusivity, having to vett all the available games is making it difficult for them to build up a decent library, but by having a second platform with less strict requirements it can help populate it with new content at a more rapid pace and give it more momentum.

I'm not sure about the exact details, but its not quite as unorthodox as you might imagine. For example you can already buy games that require you to use third party platform's like Origin for example. I would assume that legal requirements wise, if someone uses the App they would be subject to's term's and conditions, not Steams, as any purchases made through wouldn't get added to your steam library. Hm, wonder if they'd want a cut of each sale..

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Sadly this isn't happening, Valve rejected the app and released a mealy-mouthed statement explaining why they took it down from Greenlight.

Here's the full statement released by a Valve representative. (Taken from this tweet by Leaf.)


Hm, well guess that answers that. I know the answer may seem like a canned corporate spiel, but when your a company of that size formality matters. Ultimately though, I'd still call it a success, caught them off guard and gave them something to think about, and from the sounds of it they weren't entirely put off the idea. All thats left now is to keep making awesome and see what the future holds.

wow 100% viewed O.O has proven that many developers want but steam doesnt like it :p