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New Analytics, CTR context?

A topic by SmokeSomeFrogs created Feb 22, 2018 Views: 1,334 Replies: 5
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Hey, we made a little game around a year ago, and have a CTR around 38% and I asked myself: Is this much? Is this okay? How can I improve it for future games? I also want to provide some context: It's a free/pay what you want game - I think a price barrier changes the CTR extremely.

Thank you very much in advance for your answers :)

PS: Thanks for moving the topic to the right category, I was unsure where it could fit

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38% is extremely high!. Are you sure you don't have 0.38%? The CTR rate of impressions can change depending on where your game is shown, for example a homepage impression might have lower CTR rate because all kinds of people looking for different stuff view the homepage. An impression from our browse page with a combination of tags matching your game could have a much higher CTR since the particular viewer is looking for something like your game.

The CTR we show in the analytics page is the average of all of these. The games on the top of our browse pages have a CTR around .6 to 1.3 if that helps.

Two simple ways to increase the CTR:

  • Make sure your project has a good cover image, provide a gif if applicable
  • Make sure your project takes full advantage of all the classification options, so it can appear in more people's searches

Ha! 0.38 is it. Thank you very much, I misinterpreted the number, I thought it was the "conversion" from views directly on the project page in relation to the downloaded files (which is around 38% and so I thought this would be what the number is indicating). And thank you for your insights this will help for future games :) 

I have a CTR of 1%... Is that good? My game is not on the top of the browse pages, that's for sure.

That seems totally fine :)


I'm trying my best