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Explore spirits of sound by flying as a bird through the mystical floating islands of Otokai. · By Team Tori


A topic by Team Tori created Feb 20, 2018 Views: 313 Replies: 6
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If you would  like to give us feedback on your experience, which is highly appreciated, then please leave a message here. Thanks so much!

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Mostly UX feedback...

  • I expected ESC to not only pause, but unpause
  • It wasn't clear that I should hold left click down until I realized by experimentation
  • The curves used for animation are really nice
  • Mouse sensitivity is too high, even set to 0
  • Having the screen go white while flying and doing a right-click interaction on a painted orb of music makes me worried I'm about to hit the tree in front of me
  • Art style is very well coordinated with the UI controls and font
  • It seems like a postprocessing filter is making the whole screen have static that shouldn't be there
  • No world boundary – I think the best alternative is to fade to white at a certain point and put you back where you started

Thanks so much for the feedback! We'll take all of this into account when moving forward. :)


Hello! Loved your game, it was great fun exploring the enviroment and I loved the way you could affect the music. I review games that I like on Itch and have included your game this week, I hope you don't mind!


Thanks so much for playing Tori and taking time in your video to tell people about it! We're really glad you enjoyed your experience. :) There will be more to come in the following weeks, so keep an eye out for updates.

I'm a friend of your mom Shanta. i enjoyed it. felt flying. Not sure if i made it to the end. After the animals came out I didn't find any more rings. Good work. Keep me posted. Im a fan!

Hi, could you upload a playable demo by any chance?