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Four Mile Circus

A member registered Apr 10, 2017 · View creator page →

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The pleasure was definately mine, I hope you get plenty more people playing it!

I like it, very peaceful

Great game, thanks!

No need to apologise! Aces...I'll give it a whirl tonight

HAHAHAH i love it.  The human village is fun, why are they all naked and hairy? :)

Hi Remi
I do respect you guys, thats why i spend my time reviewing your games so people will see them. 
Just to be clear...what game am i promoting? I just review games. I just call my videos "Play the game" as i hope people will download your games and play them. I'm not sure I understand your grievance...apologies anyway!

HellO! I enjoyed your game, not sure I'll look at a chicken in the same way again!

Yep same i get an error msg too

Very cool game, i like it, look forward to more memory munching!

Hello, i downloaded it but it won't run.

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Hey I played your game its good fun, looking forward to see where its going! I did a review of it too

Hello I've enjoyed playing this preview of your game, i like the style of it. I did a review of it along with some other TDS's 

Hello, thanks for the game, i had fun, managed to escape on the fourth attempt!

BRARGGHHHH couldn't even make it past the code part !! Apparently this isn't for idiots...

What a gorgeous game! Recomend downloading it and having a go, great fun and the story line draws you in easily 

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Sweet game, definitely would like to see more of it! Those coppers are tricky!

Ace game, played it 3 times through, only complaint is that i want more.  Thanks!

i can't get it to run, just white page with unity logo and game name

Loved it, very calming, thanks !

I'm sure I will, am looking forward to it!

Ooooh. Shiny and new! Just gets better and betterererer....

Totally enjoyed that, its real fun and i love the style and detail, am looking forward to more.

Thanks Orsalius, i love the idea of a height measure, great idea! Thanks for the tips, look forward to the patch whenever that happens.

Great game, your chance to be Evil Knievel!


love the game!

how do i reset it to the start?

Got a little further on my second go, looking forward to more content!

Hello! Enjoyed this alot so far, its great fun