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Searching for game assets doesn't load thumb nails, view more tags resets search

A topic by Bakuryu created Feb 10, 2018 Views: 120 Replies: 4
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When I was searching for game assets I noticed as I scrolled more would load, while the outlines and names would appear the thumbnails for them did now, sometimes if I scrolled over them it would load temporarily, but after I leave the area with my mouse it disappears again.

On top of that if I want to add a tag that isn't shown by going to view more tags the search restarts on games instead of game assets. Switching it to game assets loses the tag I selected.



Thanks for the report. It should be fixed now. Tell me if you're seeing any issues. 

Still happening. Cleared my cache just to be sure and still happens.

Recreation steps:

  1. Select Browse
  2. Change drop down to Game Assets
  3. Select view all tags
  4. Choose a tag

Search is now on Games instead of Game Assets with the tag you selected and changing it to Game Assets removes the tag you selected.


Ah, sorry about that. I just fixed the thumbnail issues, didn't make an updates to tags yet but we're aware of it.

Yea the scrolling thumbnails is working now so thank you for that, but yea I'd prefer now to have to scroll through a thousand pages to find things :D