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Send verification mail manually please

A topic by Skeptic created Feb 10, 2018 Views: 354 Replies: 8
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Hi there,

I've been waiting a long time for the confirmation mail. Now that I need the steam key for Rise of Industry its really annoying me. PLEASE send the verification mail manually which you said is possible.

Thank you.

24 hours since release.


I manually verified the email address on your purchase, please try again. Thanks

Your email address is not verified

If you want to see any games you have purchased on this page you should verify your email address on the Email Settings page.

So, ill just wait here.


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Bought a game (Rise of Industry), downloaded, played it. It got released on steam (so I can't download the game from itch anymore) and all of a sudden I need to verify my email (maybe agan?) to get my Steam key.

I have 3 emails connected to my account.. I have the receipt from the developer, I even wrote the developer who can't do anything. I can see the game on my game list, but I can do fuck all with it. I wrote on 2 forum post, wrote the support itch twice, with no luck what so ever.

Please just tell me if you don't wanna help its fine. Just give me something to work with here! We're running on the 3rd day of release now and I haven't been able to play a game I paid for.


Try accessing "My purchases" again, I manually verified your other e-mail address.

Thank you