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Maze Qore Arena - "Welcome to Bullet Hell. Your glorious death awaits."

A topic by Iheanacho created Feb 06, 2018 Views: 173 Replies: 2
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Greetings folks! I have recently released my first commercial game on this website at the very low price of $4.99. 

I've spent 2.5 weeks creating this game singlehandedly. The game is currently in early-access and only the singleplayer campaign is available, so I will add multiplayer and user mod support in the near future, as well as a custom level editor for users to create and distribute through the game.

Give it a try and tell me what you all think of it. Any feedback and constructive criticism is welcome.

ALWAYS.. Lots of GUNS!!!! :)

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UPDATE: I've decided to use the Pay What You Want model for my game. You can download it for free, and if you like it, donate a few dollars and help me push forward the features coming to the game.