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Beyond Terra (RELEASED)

A topic by DezBoyle created Feb 05, 2018 Views: 1,325 Replies: 11
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>The Game is Released Here<

Description >_

You and your crew crash land on an alien planet.  Stranded on unknown territory with no guarantee of being rescued, you must scavenge for supplies so you can attempt to escape.

Beyond Terra incorporates survival gameplay elements while also giving players an end goal to work towards.  To escape the alien planet, you must find a way to infiltrate a tall tower called the citadel and steal a spacecraft to get back to base.

Features >_

  • Multiplayer Co-op
  • Randomly generated items and enemies
  • Random events such as meteor showers, robots roaming the landscape and cargo ships flying overhead
  • Lots of items and weapons

Itch :

Website :

Youtube :

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Looks promising :)

Are you planning to have a demo available for download in the near future?


Thanks!  I don't plan on releasing a download until its complete but we'll see what happens.

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Quick update!

  • Added more locations
  • Changed some visuals
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

I have been drawing a rough sketch of what I want the final map to look like and I have some interesting locations planned!  :)

I will start working on more items and weapons too add!

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  • Added 2 more locations
  • Added more landscape detail
  • Added  more weapons
  • Added  more items
  • Bug fixes
  • Cleaned up some code
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  • Gave the game a name!  (Beyond Terra)
  • Added another Location
  • Added more Rocks / Terrain
  • Added a title screen to Host / Join / Type in an IP Address / Quit
  • Modeled a concept of the Citadel

Fun Update!

  • Added the Cargo Ship.  They spawn every 8ish minutes and fly across the map.  You can destroy them and they drop their cargo which contains rare weapons and useful supplies.  I plan on adding defenses to the ship to make it a challenging yet rewarding opportunity for players.
  • Added Xhaad the trader.  Xhaad is an alien barterer that will sell you supplies in exchange for batteries.
  • Added a new location - Shipwreck
  • Various bug fixes
  • Wrote some music for the title screen and death screen

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  • Added the Sentinel - The Sentinel spawns at the Citadel and roams the map and then comes back.  They spawn every 1-2 minutes and drop useful items when destroyed.  Don't get too close though!
  • Added turrets to the cargo ship
  • Added a new weapon - the Plasma Accelerator
  • Started designing a heavily guarded base which will likely contain powerful weapons in the future.
  • Added a new Location
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs

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I decided to make scrap metal a sort of currency and possibly a building material in the future.  You can find scrap metal in drops or you can break down certain items into scrap at a Trash Compactor.

  • Added lots of garbage items that can be broken down into scrap
  • Added the Trash Compactor.  The Trash Compactor breaks down garbage items into scrap.
  • Added special items.  Special items boost certain abilities or stats.  For example, the MediBot is a special item that regenerates your health slowly and the Advanced Thrusters increase your jetpack speed;
  • Fixed tons of bugs
  • You can right click to drop in the inventory (EDIT 6/1/2018 : Changed right click to use consumable items such as medkits / food / oxygen)

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The project is really coming together :)

  • The map is mostly finished although I am going to add more locations in the future
  • The military base is complete and when you invade it and destroy all of the enemies and sentry guns, you can disable the shield that protects the citadel.  To beat the game, you must invade the citadel and steal a spacecraft to go back home.  (This isn't just another endless survival game with no end goal)
  • Added an alien with a pistol that shoots at you.
  • Added one new location
  • Added a few basic items
  • Improved some graphical stuff

Update! (Nearing Completion!!)

Once you disable the Citadel shield, players can go inside the Citadel.  You fight through lots of aliens until you get to the final boss, the Cornea.

Once you defeat the Cornea, you can escape the planet in the rocket.

Recently, I've been having people playtest the game to work out issues, make changes and improve game balance.  I plan on polishing the game for the next week or so and then releasing it.



The game is complete and ready to download at