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I'm really enjoying the focus on turning the deadly world against itself. Favourite items are energy shield and grapple. Though can I wield both at the same time; given the left hand is for weapons?

Saw that you could hack turrets : D. Though it’s a little o.p. and a few enemies like “mansnappers” and that giant worm; seem to ignore them even when sponging up their bullets :P (that's probably a bug?) All in all though;  great game and I'm looking forward to seeing how it expands : )

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Looks promising :)

Are you planning to have a demo available for download in the near future?

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Looks promising,

I just have one nit pick; I notice there's a difference in the coarseness of some of the sprites i.e. 1x1 pixel segments v.s. 2x2 pixel segments.

EDIT: I was going by the trailer; though after playing for a while; I noticed most of the graphics have been updated to be more consistent and they look great (though a few of the HUD icons need updating e.g. the crossbow, grapple and reflector).
Enjoying the game so far...