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Beyond Terra

A topic by DezBoyle created 46 days ago Views: 232 Replies: 6
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You and your crew crash land on an alien planet.  Stranded on unknown territory with no guarantee of being rescued, you must scavenge for supplies.  The only way back is to infiltrate the citadel and steal a spacecraft to go back to earth.

(The image compression on itch makes the glow around the logo look wierd :/)

Weapons and Combat
The game is only 2 months in development and most of that time was spent overcoming technical hurdles so there isn't all too much to show visually.

Features so far : 

  • Multiplayer with synced animation, synced sound, ability to drop items over the network and much more.
  • An inventory system where you can see information about the item.  You can drag and drop items to move, drop, use (medkits, food, ect) or equip them (weapons and armor).
  • An item system to store data and stats about items
  • Randomly generated item spawning and alien spawns to keep gameplay fresh.
  • Basic combat which includes melee and ranged weapons, aim down sights, inaccuracy, ammo, hit numbers, ect
  • I have about 1/3 of the map completed so far.  The final version of the map will be filled with lots of areas to explore.
  • Basic enemy AI which includes random noises, navmesh movement, attacking, ect.
  • All segments of the map are split off into "Zones" each zone has lots of item spawns and alien spawns which refresh after not being near the zone for a long period of time.
  • You can use a propulsion system on your spacesuit to boost around in low gravity but it eats away at your oxygen, which you need to survive.

To do / Plans / Things I may add in the future

  • More items / weapons
  • More aliens
  • Finish the map
  • Some sort of building system
  • Day / night cycle
  • Acid rain / meteor showers / dust storms
  • Options Menu
  • Server Browser
  • Names over other players
  • Crafting system?
  • Vehicles?
  • Random alien encounters
  • More randomly generated things to prevent the game from being as predictable

I appreciate any feedback! :)

If you're interested to see where this project goes, I will post more devlogs when I get more done!

Itch : https://dezboyle.itch.io/

Website : http://dezboyle.com/

Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkzhz5EcX63hPf440m-zCqg

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Looks promising :)

Are you planning to have a demo available for download in the near future?


Thanks!  I don't plan on releasing a download until its complete but we'll see what happens.

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Quick update!

  • Added more locations
  • Changed some visuals
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

I have been drawing a rough sketch of what I want the final map to look like and I have some interesting locations planned!  :)

I will start working on more items and weapons too add!


  • Added 2 more locations
  • Added more landscape detail
  • Added  more weapons
  • Added  more items
  • Bug fixes
  • Cleaned up some code

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  • Gave the game a name!  (Beyond Terra)
  • Added another Location
  • Added more Rocks / Terrain
  • Added a title screen to Host / Join / Type in an IP Address / Quit
  • Modeled a concept of the Citadel

Fun Update!

  • Added the Cargo Ship.  They spawn every 8ish minutes and fly across the map.  You can destroy them and they drop their cargo which contains rare weapons and useful supplies.  I plan on adding defenses to the ship to make it a challenging yet rewarding opportunity for players.
  • Added Xhaad the trader.  Xhaad is an alien barterer that will sell you supplies in exchange for batteries.
  • Added a new location - Shipwreck
  • Various bug fixes
  • Wrote some music for the title screen and death screen