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Band Management Sim, with romance! · By Happy Backwards, Aleema

Steam Key

A topic by Strive For Power Demon created Feb 04, 2018 Views: 237 Replies: 7
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Is there a steam key for this game because i bought it and it wont let me play it when i use winrar :(


The game is not on Steam. You can use your Windows unzipper to unzip the files if you want.

i tried that also :( nothing is working 


I'm sorry. I'm going to release a new build tonight. Try re-downloading it tomorrow and tell me if it works. If not, give me a little more description on your problem: what exactly happens, your OS, etc.

Okay Thank you <3

new build?! Have the game gods answered my prayers?! :'0


The build has been pushed back to later tonight. There was a bug I couldn't fix before bed, sorry.


Still working on this ... I'm really sorry.