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Strive For Power Demon

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how do i get sand

you go to the shrine and talk to the blonde girl and she will tell you she needs you to feed all the stray animals around, after you find and feed all them (gotta buy cat and dog food) then report back too her and finish her quest. Then go buy either cat or dog food and feed a pet you want for a couple days then after like the 3 or 4th time the MC will say he kinda likes this pet and it'll ask if you want to adopt it but it takes away your noon choice of activity to adopt it not to feed it then go back to the shrine and talk to the glasses girl and she will give you pet esentuals 

are they intractable yet?

Could i get a refund also i bought it yesterday but Support isnt getting back to me and i kinda want my money back

I love the game overall but to much typing and reading to do i mean i dont want to feel like im reading a novel but more playing a game where im not overwelmed by 200+ words at once :3 but its great otherwise

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To get yourself stronger you have to venture out and kill bandits & Bears stuff like. and this is where to find most of them it gives you details on where they are but if you cant find them try going through that area again :)

How do you get a headgirl???

Strive for Power community · Created a new topic Pregnancy?

How can you tell when one of your slaves is pregnant or yourself???

Okay Thank you <3

i tried that also :( nothing is working 

RockRobin community · Created a new topic Steam Key

Is there a steam key for this game because i bought it and it wont let me play it when i use winrar :(