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Aura of Worlds [Roguelite Platformer]

A topic by Cognitive Forge created Feb 04, 2018 Views: 232 Replies: 4
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Hi Folks,

Aura of worlds is a creative tactics roguelite platformer. It has a focus on exploration, improvisation and twisting the environment to your advantage. You progress through utilising your wits, reflexes and a plethora of abilities.
Procedural levels range from pursuing walls of toxic pollen to flooded passages lined with explosives to bosses spanning the entire labyrinth. 

There are multiple solutions to every problem. For example if there is a lava pit blocking a chest do you..?

  • Lure in an enemy and bounce off its head.
  • Grapple rope across.
  • Use a boomerang to fetch the item from a distance.
  • Chuck a grenade in; destroying the pit and quickly setting everything nearby on fire!

Old trailer (2016)

Note: the game has greatly evolved since being greenlit

Some updated visuals:

Why early access?

We intend to extend the game with feedback from the community. 

Getting the game now; entitles you to all future updates; a reduced price and an extra key on Steam. Aura of Worlds has been in development since 2013 and has been refined from continual player feedback from developer meetups like IGDA and trade shows such as PAX. The game is in a stable state with over 60 enemies and traps, 3 procedural worlds, 8+ level themes and more. Content is still being added and feedback is welcome 😊.

If you have suggestions; please feel free to post them here; or in the comments section of the game page.

Where can I get the game?

Right >Here on Itch:

Related Links:

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Looks promising,

I just have one nit pick; I notice there's a difference in the coarseness of some of the sprites i.e. 1x1 pixel segments v.s. 2x2 pixel segments.

EDIT: I was going by the trailer; though after playing for a while; I noticed most of the graphics have been updated to be more consistent and they look great (though a few of the HUD icons need updating e.g. the crossbow, grapple and reflector).
Enjoying the game so far...


Thanks for the feedback :)

Yeah; I agree we've updated that to follow the 2x2 segment resolution since; allowing for a better visual consistency.

The in game sprites were done by Lachlan Cartland and Jessica Turner.

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We had made multiple updates since launching as well.
Whilst every patch introduces balance changes and fixes; Here's a high level overview of some of the more interesting key additions:


introduced several additional ways to turn enemies against each other with a new changeable faction system and related mechanics:

Update  0.60.1  

changed how the targeting system works as well as drastically mechanics behind some abilities such as cloaking.

Update  0.60.5  

Introduced some upgrades to each of the bosses and some unique abilities to steal from slaying them.



Introduced new potions and status effects.
Significant improvements to boss intelligence and attacks (Giant Worm and Necromancer)
Some new animations for the necromancer.
A better save system. Which stores a copy of your progression between updates so that you don't have to:

Next update will be within a fortnight...

Update is out:

  • Overhauled the lighting system.
Updated Lighting System
  • Newer item graphics