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Looking for Projects to work on --- Music, Sound Effects and Voice Acting

A topic by colinsandquistmusic created Feb 01, 2018 Views: 308 Replies: 17
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(3 edits) --> email me! I'm available! FYI --- This is me OFFERING my services to write music to your game, don't be confused ... Also I am licensing my music for games at various rates per track.  If you want free music as small loops I can send you this music from here --->


Do you have some examples? Because I don't think anyone will Email you without examples of your work.

See Attatched!

i see what you did there with the name...colins and "quist" like nyquist frequency...hahahah

Actually ... Its just my name Chloe.

Colin  ---- Sandquist --- Google it!

i feel foolish . Oh well, I'm a sound nerd. I'll always nerd out.

Another Example:

And It's not Just Chiptune! I can Tackle any Genre you so wish!!! :O

(1 edit)

Hi! If you looking a composer, I can help you! ;)

Some of my works here:

Somepoint Sound is dedicated to making your game sound great on every level! (music + sound design).

Here are some demos:

I'm dedicated to having fun, making music, memes, and money.  And promoting the gay agenda. If our directions line up your project will have awesome sound. If not...please don't pick me. That would be unhappy times, and I like all the happy times. So who's down to make some badass games? 

About me:

15 years in sound

University educated in Recording Engineering

Prior chairperson of PsychWardMedia LLC

Won top 3 in first ever WWE 72 hour game jam

Credited as sound designer in multiple feature films

Voice over artist on short film "Emic" by Google and Matt Brodie

Professional live sound engineer

Cisco and Unix networking background 

Some coding knowledge (microcontrollers)

Protools11 system, native instruments package, plenty of rad vintage synths

Queer af, trans af (it still matters, it shouldn't but it does)

Super laid back and all the fun. might not find fun anywhere else because I took it all.

Passionate for sound design

Despite my laid back attitude, super dedicated to a fault. I love audio, the places it takes me, and the things I do and learn in the process of making a good game, show, track, or film. There's nothing like it. 

I look forward to speaking with you.


Chloe Stratton

Psych Ward Media

Sure Chloe: Whaddaya wanna talk about ??? :)


What are you looking for in your game?

Bahahaha, I don't make the games I make the music for them as well... My working for the post was REALLY misleading. I'm sorry, How do I change that???!


@jvmusic on instagram Highly suggested musician. 

Not what I meant :P

But thanks for that!!! Maybe a collab???! :O

This is hilarious but the wording makes it my fault!!! I'M the Musician / Composer --- I'M the one offering my services!!! LMFAO!!!