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A topic by CaptainD created Feb 01, 2018 Views: 278 Replies: 2
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It's great that players can leave reviews on your games, but other than the dev and the person writing the review, who actually sees them?  I may have missed something but I have never seen a review of another game on here, and only seen reviews of my own game via the dashboard.  Ratings are almost invisible but at least can be found by clicking the More Information tab. 

Am I missing something?  Fellow devs I've spoken to seem similarly befuddled.

It would be great if ratings and reviews were more visible to potential purchasers / downloaders of games on Itch.  (I  apologise if this topic has already been done to death btw!)  It's a shame that this is currently missing given that the experience of creating and managing your games' pages here works very well indeed.  I appreciate that it also could be something planned for future development, but anyway I guess it can't hurt to ask!


Reviews are currently only shown to the developer, and on the feed of anyone who follows the person writing the review. We have some plans to revamp our reviews and ratings system pretty soon, I definitely feel like it's an important part of purchasing for many people.

Great, thanks for the update.