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Wire IT!

A topic by Albert Gonzalez created Jan 30, 2018 Views: 204 Replies: 2
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Wire IT!

Last Sunday my friend Theck and I uploaded a little game we made in Pico-8 inspired by the Global Game Jam 2018 theme ("Transmission"). It was not part of the jam itself (we only use the theme as a kind of "inspiration" to work a little with the awesome Pico-8 console) and we did it in 12 hours more or less. You can play it here.

Wire IT! it's a small puzzle game based on connecting each terminal to a mainframe while avoiding your own wires. 15 levels featuring different players and two kinds of wires. Hope you like it, people!

Pretty cool! A nice, simple and rock solid 10 minutes game. I missed some audio effects and music, but the gameplay was flawless. Recommended!

Neat for PICO.  I see more and more of the PICO series and it brings back good memories....:)

Good work!.