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sealed with a kiss

experimenting with running a play-by-mail game · By droqen


A topic by droqen created Mar 23, 2016 Views: 468 Replies: 6
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ha ha pardon the pun.

i've collected the twitter handles of everyone who seems interested:

@obskyr, @dreamfeelx, @Ploogle, @tomloughlin, @zapjackson, @hoverbird, @doridoidea, @rifflesby, @mikemeginnis, @caiwingfield, @chrisamaphone, @zarawesome, @barelyconcealed, @customizeurdad, @iamgingerbear, @mjterave, @CoronaCoreanici, @crhallberg, @_glocks, @sally_anne_, @Togg_, @chortletortle

feel free to respond here or tweet at me to be added to this list.

i do not guarantee i will keep it up to date...

I'm interested (@crhallberg)

Already on the list, but hey, I logged into so i might as well say Hi.

Yo put me up in there too @_glocks


oh wtf james i thought you were already up there! my bad 0:

I'm interested as well :) @Togg_ on twitter