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really cool.

It was pretty cool.

It's a CONSPIRACY against mennnn 0_0

You could try produce some fine arguments with your double class homo sapiens brain :D

I'm interested as well :) @Togg_ on twitter

I've not understand a thing but I'd say both! I agree with tomtl.

Great :)

The other two important stuffs that should already be on the timeline are offline mode and silent updates of the games that doesn't block everything.


1) The graphics are beautiful but once you start add a lot of games the Launch buttons feel a little bit oppressive. There has to be a better way.

2) I don't know much about the star sections but they're great. I think that some thought has to be given to how those games are choosen, I like staff picks. How the featured games in the front page of the site works? How do you think the community could influence those decisions?

3) I immagine that an interaction website style will arrive at a certain moment? For searching and bookmark titles etc Are basic stuff more easy to implement than the rest or it's all difficult? But I like the clean interface, I really don't wish it to become steam-like.

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Wonderfull game, really satisfying. Simple mechanics that open a lof of possibilities.