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Totally Realistic Sledding VR Demo is back!

A topic by plectrumSoftware created Jan 28, 2018 Views: 222 Replies: 3
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Totally Realistic Sledding VR is a over-the-top sledding simulator-ish game for the VR. I released this as a free demo back then, but then removed it during the Steam Early Access release. Now its back, try out a very old version of the game but still shows the concept for free!


Thanks for adding it back. Are you going to have an updated version of the game on too?

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Probably not yet. I thought the demo showed the current core gameplay pretty well, though that may change. And oops, I posted the wrong game link. My bad(is now corrected).

For those wondering why I removed in the first place, we added something copyrighted inside the game which was supposed to be placeholder, and we didn't want any copyright issues during the Early Access release of the game. But its been dealt with since then, and everythings good.